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Cockalier Breed Characteristics

A Cockalier is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles.

Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are two breeds so alike that a stranger on the street will confidently call your Cavalier a Cocker Spaniel or constantly refer to Lady from Lady and the Tramp as a Cavalier. With the breeds being so similar, what is the benefit of combining the two into the well-known hybrid, the Cockalier? Just as the Cronut is the best of both the croissant and the donut, the Cockalier is the best of both breeds.

Cocker Spaniels were originally bred to be hunting dogs, making them higher-energy dogs, great for active families but not for apartment dwellers. Although also very playful, a low-key lifestyle suits the Cavalier as well. Cavaliers are often content to relax on the couch as long as they get in a fun play session. The Cockalier adapts well to both of these settings depending on the activity level of its owner. Content to spend many days indoors or plenty of time exploring. It should be noted that although the Cockalier is known for its adaptability, not every Cockalier is the same. So, be prepared for a slightly higher-energy dog.

Cockaliers have a medium-length coat that comes in a wide variety of colors. Their wavy hair is prone to matting, so be sure to brush your Cockalier regularly. Since a Cockalier will need more brushing than a dog with a shorter coat, it’s good to introduce brushing to your Cockalier when it is young, to desensitize them to it.

Both Cavaliers and Cocker Spaniels are friendly people-oriented dogs, and the Cockalier is no exception. Cockaliers thrive with lots of love and attention from the whole family, children and other pets included. Since Cockaliers crave attention, they can suffer from separation anxiety. Consider getting a Cockalier if you work from home or have plenty of time to love on them. Cockaliers might not be a good fit for people who work long hours away from home.

Since Cocker Spaniels are sporting dogs, Cockaliers are intelligent and love to learn. If enticed with treats, Cockaliers tend to pick up commands quickly and happily, making them a good fit for first-time owners as they are not usually a stubborn breed.

The best reason to consider a Cockalier has nothing to do with their temperament but actually concerns their health. Hybrid dogs possess what is called ‘hybrid vigor,’ which increases their genetic diversity and lowers the risk of genetic deficits. Dogs with hybrid vigor tend to live longer, healthier lives, which, in turn, means you get to experience life with your fluffy companion for longer. Hybrid vigor doesn’t completely rule out all the health complications that Cavaliers and Cocker Spaniels experience, such as syringomyelia, but it can decrease the likelihood of a Cockalier having as many health complications.

Cavaliers and Cocker Spaniels are two breeds favored by many for their looks and friendly disposition, and a Cockalier is no different. Cute, cuddly, and curious, Cockaliers are a great fit for families of all types.

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