Cockalier Parent Dogs

Cockalier Pups Mom and Dad Dogs

Cockalier Parent Dogs

Below we’ve included a little bit of information and some photos for each of the Cockalier parent dogs in our Cockalier breeding program.

Beth, the 15 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

A lovely little, 15 lb Cocker Spaniel lady, Beth is a fun-loving friend for her whole family. She is very loving and devoted, bringing her sweet little head under our hands for us to pet her soft, silky fur. Beth brings life and love to each of her pups!

Darla, the 15 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

Darla, a 15 pound Cocker Spaniel, is a happy and fun-loving furry family member. Her exuberance is contagious and she makes people smile wherever she goes!

Kelsey, the 22 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

Kelsey, is a 22lb Cocker Spaniel with an endearing spirit. She follows her family members with faithfulness and love and is always ready to receive that love in return. We are thankful she’s in our home!

Lottie, the 20 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

At 20 lbs, Lottie, our Cocker Spaniel mama, is a delightful, charming girl. Her free and easy demeanor gives her the attention and love she deserves.

Molly, the 18 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

Molly, a 18 pound Cocker Spaniel, is playful and fun. Her calm temperament makes her a great Mama for her puppies.

Snicker, the 13 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

Snicker, a 13 pound black and white Cocker Spaniel loves her family and friends! Calm and relaxed, but sweet and friendly, she makes for the perfect Mama for her babies!

Stella, the 22 lb Cocker Spaniel Mom

Stella is our affectionate Cocker Spaniel mama. She weighs 22 lbs and is a clam and collected lady. We are thankful for this sweet Mama!

Jimbo, the 13 lb Cavalier King Charles Dad

Jimbo, a 13 pound tri-color Cavalier, is a friendly little guy! His laid back personality gets him lots of pets and belly rubs. He’s just an all around great dog!

Kenny, the 15 lb Cavalier King Charles Dad

Kenny, a handsome 15 pound blenheim Cavalier Dad, is a loving and loyal companion. Kenny is always up for a game of fetch or a good cuddle session with his family.

Poncho, the 15 lb Cavalier King Charles Dad

Poncho is a 15 pound Cavalier King Charles Dad. Always the patient one, he enjoys (and endures) all of the love of the children in his home. His gentle nature makes him endearing to all who meet him.