Cavalier vs Cockalier

Compare Cavalier King Charles vs Cockalier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel vs Cockalier

Considering a Cavalier King Charles? Compare the Cavalier vs Cockalier before your purchase.

7 Reasons to consider a Cockalier instead!

If you appreciate the friendly loving personality of a Cavalier King Charles but are concerned about the potential serious health issues of this breed, a Cockalier may be a great choice for you!

A Cockalier combines the spunky, fun personality of a Cocker Spaniel with the endearing, sweet nature of a Cavalier King Charles to produce an amazing hybrid that keeps the signature look of the Cocker Spaniel and combines it with the smaller stature of the Cavalier King Charles but with far less likelihood of the common health issues they face.

Benefits of a Cockalier:

  • Cockaliers are excellent with children.
  • Cockaliers–although energetic–adapt well to apartment living with adequate exercise.
  • Cockaliers are incredibly intelligent, loving to learn new tricks.
  • Cockaliers are rarely aggressive. They have a gentle disposition.
  • Cockaliers have hybrid vigor.
  • Cockaliers are generally very healthy.
  • Cockaliers are excellent companions.

Cavalier vs Cockalier

There aren’t many big differences between a Cavalier and a Cockalier but the differences between the two are significant.

Cavaliers are unfortunately plagued with quite a few health issues, heart murmurs and syringomyelia included. Years of inbreeding have been unkind to the Cavalier breed. With the obsession of rounder-headed and shorter-snouted Cavaliers, the breed is now known for their neurological problems due to their skull being too small for their brain. Despite their health problems, many people still love the personality and looks of a Cavalier. It is for this reason that Cavaliers continue to be bred and continue to be a popular breed.

The breeding of a Cavalier and a Cocker Spaniel increases the genetic material in their offspring, which can lead to healthier, happier puppies while keeping the overall look of both breeds. Mixing the two breeds doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of health problems in a Cockalier but it can help lessen the possibility of the puppies having these defects.

If the benefits of having a healthy dog aren’t enough, having a healthier dog also means fewer vet bills. You should still take your dog for annual checkups, but a decrease in health problems means a decrease in surprise visits to the vet. Not only does this ease the stress on your wallet, but it eases the stress that health scares put on you and your family.

If you’re ready to consider an adorable Cockalier, go ahead and apply today.

Cockalier vs Cavalier King Charles

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