What Is A
Cavalier King Charles?

Cavalier King Charles Breed Characteristics

Happy-go-lucky, but an equal in agility and ability is the adorable Cavalier King Charles.

Often mistaken for a Cocker Spaniel, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a slightly smaller fluffy toy breed that originated in England. Their name, usually shortened to Cavalier, hints at a rich history. The name Charles refers to King Charles II of England, who ruled in the 1660s and always had a horde of spaniels following at his heels. But these spaniels that accompanied Charles looked much different than the spaniels that we know now following the 1800s obsession with flat-faced breeds, like the pug, that originated from Asia.

In the 1800s, people began selectively breeding Cavaliers resulting in shorter snouts and rounder heads. This is the look of the modern Cavalier. The genetic material for a longer-snouted Cavalier is still apparent, though. The face shape of a litter of Cavaliers can vary drastically from a short pug-like snout to an almost pointer-like nose.

Cavaliers are a unique blend of toy and spaniel breeds, meaning that some Cavaliers might turn out more like a lapdog, and some Cavaliers might inherit more of the hunting dog instinct and love chasing birds. They might even be a blend of both, content to lounge on the couch until they hear the trill of a bird.

Cavaliers are intelligent dogs that love learning new tricks. Their willingness to perform for food makes them easy to train, especially for first-time dog owners. However, their intelligence sometimes means that you’ll have to learn to outsmart your dog in some cases.

The coat of a Cavalier is long and silky, sometimes curly, and they can be blenheim, tri-colored, or apricot. Some Cavaliers have shorter coats that won’t need any trimming, but most Cavaliers benefit from a haircut once in a while, especially for their long ears.