Adopted Cockaliers

Pups that have found their forever home
These wonderful Cockalier pups are matched and have already been adopted by their forever homes. They are no longer available.

Litter of Three Adopted Cockaliers

Born January 3, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
March 24, 2023


Unique Black and White, Gentle with a Laid-back Personality

Edward is the perfect mix of his parents! Affectionate and intelligent, he watches the world around him all while soaking in the love and attention his family can afford! This delightful black and white boy will cannot wait to live, love, and learn with his Forever Family!


Distinct Black and White with touches of Brown, Friendly and Curious

Henry is a dashing boy suited up in a black and white coat. He is a frisky boy and adores anyone who will take time to play with him. We think he will certainly be at the center of attention wherever he goes! Henry is ready to be your Cockalier boy!


Fabulous Blue and White, Playful with an Adorable Personality

Phillip is one good looking boy in a bi-color fur coat. We just love to watch this happy pup pounce around the yard. Phillip is ready to fill your home with love and laughter!

Litter of Seven Adopted Cockaliers

Born March 17, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
May 19, 2023

Snow White

Enrapturing Blue, Brown, and White, Sociable with an Affectionate Personality

Snow White is a fun, happy, outgoing girl! She is absolutely adorable with her soft, tri-color coat. Snow White loves company and would do anything for play time or a belly rub!


Amazing Blue, Brown, White, and Black, Loyal and Devoted

Bashful is an adorable little boy with a coat. His velvety droopy ears bring out his shy personality. He is so sweet and will just want to be by your side! Bashful is ready to be scooped up and taken home today!


Charming Red Parti, Attractive with a Vivacious Character

Doc is an adorable puppy with a love for life and his family! He has a nicely marked bi-color coat with an adorable nose and bright eyes. Doc is fun-loving, handsome and exhibits the best qualities of the Cockalier breed!


Handsome Tri-color, Faithful with a Friendly Outlook

Grumpy is far from grumpy…! He is a fun, loving Cockalier boy with a silky soft coat. He is very active and will always be up to romp and play with you! Grumpy is ready to jump into your arms and cover you with kisses!


Adorable Tricolor, Gentle with a Companionable Nature

Happy is a precious Cockalier guy in a brown, black, and white fur coat. He is so relaxed and calm, and he never seems bothered by his siblings’ playfulness! Happy can’t wait to be a new part of his forever family’s home!


Unique Multi-color, Lovable with an Attentive Temperament

Sleepy is a charming gentleman in a strokably soft merle coat. His coat is so smooth and velvety! Sleepy is just begging for you to pick him up and cuddle up with him!


Fabulous Multicolor, Playful with an Intelligent Personality

Sneezy is so wonderfully soft, wrapped in his colorful coat. His sweet puppy eyes are begging for a good petting! This adorable Cockalier boy is eager to find his forever home!

Litter of Six Adopted Cockaliers

Born April 9, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
June 23, 2023


Adorable Black with a Touch of White, Cheerful with an Affectionate Personality

Carliss is an adorable little Cockalier girl decked in a beautiful black coat. She loves to cuddle and play with her siblings and people. We believe she is destined to make a lucky person or family very happy!


Lovely Black with a Touch of White, Sociable with an Outgoing Character

Talea is an adorable Cockalier puppy with a fun-loving spirit. She has luxurious black wavy fur and a perfectly placed white marking on her chin. Talea is a pretty confident little girl, and she is loving, playful, and super smart!


Striking Apricot, Clever with an Easygoing Temperament

Cedrick is an adorable Cockalier boy with a wavy blenheim coat. We love his bright eyes and adorable face. He loves to play and enjoys attention. We are excited to match him with a blessed new family!


Heart-touching Tri-color, Content with a Companionable Nature

Gavinaugh is a handsome boy in a strokably soft tri-color wavy coat. His mellow nature makes him the perfect cuddle buddy! This laidback boy loves being by your side. Gavinaugh is ready to become your little sidekick!


Fabulous Black and White, Explorative with an Enthusiatic Personality

Leinad is a good looking Cockalier boy in a black and white parti-color coat. He is feisty and curious and enjoys leading his siblings in play. This spunky boy will fit nicely into a loving and active forever home.


Intriguing Black and White, Observant with an Energetic Temperament

William is as cute as can be in a silky coat of black and white fur. His perky ears give away his attentive nature and he likes to be where all the action is. His handsome looks and playful personality make him a great pick for a lucky forever home.

Litter of Four Adopted Cockaliers

Born June 28, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
September 1, 2023

Fabulous Red Parti, Adoring with a Laid-back Temperament

Beethoven is an adorable little puppy with a handsome red parti coat. He is a quiet and laid-back pup and nothing ever seems to phase him. We think his easy-going nature is the best therapy. This sweet boy will be wonderful for any family or individual!

Fantastic Red Parti, Affectionate with an Attentive Nature

Mozart’s coat boasts a unique pattern of red and white. His bright, intelligent eyes are always alert, as he eagerly takes in the world around him. He is also known for his gentle and poised demeanor, displaying grace and elegance in every step he takes.

Splendid Red Parti, Clever with a Content Character

Liszt is as handsome as can be suited up in his red parti coat. You just can’t resist petting his soft, fuzzy top! We think Liszt will be the perfect fit for any family in search of a Cockalier boy!

Spectacular Red Parti, Cheerful with a Lively Personality

Handel is a head-turning Cockalier with parti-colored fur. He loves to be petted and cuddled. Handel is a bundle of joy who is sure to make one lucky family very happy!

Litter of Two Adopted Cockaliers

Born August 8, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
October 13, 2023


Beautiful Tri-color, Cheerful with a Confident Nature

Jill is a stunning beauty dressed in a lovely tricolor coat with unique markings. We love her spunky nature, cute face, and wagging tail. This curious and outgoing little puppy is eager to become part of your home!


Terrific Black and White, Affectionate with an Easy-going Temperament

Eustace is such a handsome Cockalier! He has a charming black and white coat and adorable slippers. He is very gentle with his family and loves to please. Eustace always makes us smile and we know he will grow into a fantastic furry family member!

Litter of Five Adopted Cockaliers

Born August 27, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
November 3, 2023


Adorable Apricot and White, Curious with a Lively Personality

Chloe is a beautiful Cockalier girl dressed in a gorgeous apricot and white coat. She is adorned in the perfect markings from the tip of her nose down to her dainty paws. Chloe is full of fun and loves to be on the go! We think Chloe will fill your home with love and laughter!


Appealing Tri-color, Clever with an Inquisitive Nature

Dahlia is a gorgeous tri-color Cavalier girl. Her colorful coat displays pretty markings. She is inquisitive, easy-going, and very smart. Dahlia is ready to meet her new family.


Cute Tri-color, Adoring with an Energetic Temperament

Nichole is a gorgeous Cockalier girl in a strokably soft tri-color coat. Her lovely coat has a super soft white belly… great for rubbing! She is a happy little girl and will always greet you with her tail wagging! Nichole can’t wait to jump into your arms and cover you with kisses!


Attractive Red and White, Frisky with a Good-natured Disposition

Reanna is a Cockalier beauty with a lovely red and white coat. She keeps us smiling with her cheerful, playful and energetic nature. We can’t get over how adorable she is and know that she will receive many compliments!


Winning Red and White, Sociable with an Animated Personality

George is a strikingly good-looking red and white Cavalier boy. His handsome coat is a beautiful wavy white with contrasting markings. He is friendly, playful, and likes to show off for others. We think George will make a great match for a loving forever home.

Litter of Three Adopted Cockaliers

Born September 1, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
November 17, 2023


Fantastic Tri-color, Amiable with a Cuddly Personality

Jade is as pretty as a picture in a comfy cozy tri-color fur coat. We love her sweet face and easy-going demeanor. This Cockalier girl lives for cuddles and loves to be petted. Jade is longing to meet her new family.


Gorgeous Red-parti, Lovable with a Delightful Nature

Saphire is a beautiful Cockalier girl in a fashionable red-parti coat. She’s a sweet and snuggly gal. This delightful girl will love being by your side.


Captivating Tri-color, Devoted with a Companionable Temperament

Midnight is a stunning boy in a wonderfully wavy and huggable suit of tri-color. A small spot on his chest adds to his adorableness. Midnight is ready to be scooped up and carried home.

Litter of Four Adopted Cockaliers

Born November 10, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
January 12, 2024

Bo Peep

Superb Apricot, Affectionate with a Gentle Temperament

Bo Peep’s apricot markings contrast nicely against her coat of luscious white fur. Her gorgeous tan points add to her stylish look. She is a bit more reserved than her siblings, but she loves to be around her family. Bo Peep is sure to make a wonderful friend and companion.


Adorable Tri-color, Devoted with a Charming Personality

Molly is a beautiful pup with a fluffy tri-color coat of merle, tan and white. Her merle ears frame her charming face. She’s a smart little girl and learns quickly. Molly is also sweet and affectionate and we think she will make a great match for a lucky forever home.


Intriguing Tri-color, Attentive with a Lively Nature

Woody is a dashing boy suited up in a soft tri-color coat. He is a frisky boy and adores anyone who will take time to play with him. We think he will certainly be at the center of attention wherever he goes! Woody is ready to be your cockalier boy!


Beautiful Red-parti, Amiable with a Warmhearted Character

Jessie is as pretty as can be in a silky white and red coat. Her beautiful white collar adds to her elegance. She has the biggest affectionate eyes longing for a good cuddle! We think Jessie will be a perfect choice for any family in search of a cockalier girl!

Litter of Six Adopted Cockaliers

Born December 20, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
February 23, 2024


Unique Red and White Parti, Affectionate with a Lively Character

Opal is an adorable Cockalier in a soft and cuddly blenheim coat. Her floppy ears frame her sweet face. She is full of energy and playful and enjoys cuddling up on the couch by your side. Opal can’t wait to become your little sidekick!


Remarkable Red and White Parti, Frisky with a Devoted Nature

Pearl is as pretty as can be in a stunning coat of red and white waves. She is playful and happy and will be the perfect cuddle bug for you. Pearl is eager to please and she is ready to jump into your arms and cover you with kisses!


Extraordinary Red-parti, Warm-hearted with a Laid-back Temperament

Topaz is as cute as can be with sweet puppy eyes longing for a good cuddle! Her strokably soft blenheim coat will be so easy to snuggle into every time you pick her up. She is chill and relaxed. Topaz is ready to be scooped up and taken home today!


Outstanding Red-parti, Self-confident with a Merry Personality

Agate is a stunning Cavalier boy in an oh-so-wavy, white fur coat with red accents on his soft, silky fur. He is so confident and happy! We think Agate will make a loving and loyal companion for you!


Gorgeous Red-parti, Calm with an Adoring Character

Garnet looks regal and stately in a classic coat of white fur with perfect accents of red on the white. He is so happy and cheerful. This content and easy-going puppy will be the perfect fit for any family in search of an amazing Cockalier boy!


Stunning Red-parti, Tender-hearted with a Loyal Nature

Peridot is a charming little gentleman suited up in a classy black and white coat. He loves attention and loves his humans. He has such longing eyes begging for a good scratching behind his velvety ears. Peridot is eager to meet you!

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